Empty HABmin UI

I just installed openHAB 2.0.0 onj an RPI (3/B) and connected it to my Homematic CCU2 and everything is working ok. I am really new to openHAB and Linux - but have longtime experiences in computers.

Then I installed HABmin (using PaperUI - Addons).

When I look at the HABmin website, it has no data (see screenshot attached).

I have followed all the docs for install and not altered the system after install.

What now? who can help?

I guess that there’s a javascript error that’s preventing it loading - I’d suggest to open the debugger in the browser (called development tools in Chrome) and load the page to see what (if any) error is shown.

I am not a Dev. but used MS-Edge devmode. Screenshots of errors and warnings attached.

Hmmm - it looks like this browser isn’t currently supported.

Thank you Chris. As this browser is the standard browser on Windows 10 it may affect many users. And even the Internet Explorer on Windows 10 does not work with habmin, too.

What can we do?

The issue is that these browsers don’t support events - it’s possible to add a mixin to the client side to work around these deficiencies, but in the short term I’d suggest to install a different browser. Pretty much all major browsers support this as it’s been around for a number of years now (except our friends at Microsoft of course).

http://caniuse.com/#feat=eventsource http://caniuse.com/#feat=eventsource

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I installed ‘Iron’ as an additional browser and in Iron the habmin UI works. Thx for your help Chris

I spent a lot of hours trying to sort this out before finding this thread. Please put a catch in that tells Edge users to try something else. It’s really not awesome to have to track this sort of thing down over and over when a tiny notification can give us some direction here. I gave up on OpenHAB last night. Just decided to give it one more try. These things add up and drive potential users off.