Emulate analog temp sensor?

on my heatingpump there is an anlog temp sensor, which is sending the outside temperature to the heatingpump. This is wired with 2 wires.

Is there a chance to emulate this temperature sensor somehow so i can input a temperature and this temperature will be given as analog output to the heatingpump?

How can this be done? With raspberry pi or something like this?

The heatingpump has also a 0-10V input for external controllers.

On my openhab i have the 24h average temperature. How can i get this together?

I need something which can send the voltage to the heatingpump. What do i need to do this?

I don’t think I can help but would love to know your thinking on this… Are you hoping to feed in the average 24h outside temp into the heatpump rather than the current outside temp?

Yes, i have a very good insulation on the walls, so the house will not need some extra heating if outside temperature gets down in the night. My heating control only can use the 1h average temperature to control the heating temperature. I would like to use the 24h average outside temperature for this. I know many heatingpumps, where this is included out of the box, but not so in my heatingpump.

I can see on my openhab charts the needed heating temperature, this is jumping up and down with no need. Maybe with an old house this would be ok, but not so on my new house. I already made some rules to change this a little bit, but there is no big possibility to change great things on this. It´s a little bit better than before, but i want to get some better results.