Enable event.log (event logging)


for whatever reason my event.log file has stopped logging. I have not changed any log configuration and tried all the things mentioned in this forum to enable it again. Unfortunately, I didn´t make it to adapt the xml.file

Is there any easy way to enable event.log again? My openhab.log works fine.

Furthermore, is there any windows based program to run Karaf Console on my PC or as an alternative, on RasperryPi (without having the editor style user interface?)?


Logging has changed:


thanks a lot for your helpful comments. I modified the config file on my openhab2 accordingly and increased the level to DEBUG.

I assume that in your configuration all event logs will be sent to event.log file? So far, I have not received any info into that file…


I would apply the original file

and not modify it, then restart openHAB.