Enable or disable Obenhab Rules

short Question:
is it possible to enable or disable an openhab-rule from an HABapp rule?

My usecase:
I used an openhab-rule with the PID-Controller add on.
This add on genrated the needed output to control the heating actuator.

The outpit from the PidController needs to be translated in a special value range, and
some other things.
This is done in an HABApp rule.

So now If I switch off the Heating actuator (HABApp rule), the openhabrule runs permanently and produces openhab log entries.

So if I switch of the actuator and also disable the openhab-rule everything was fine,

So is there a way to enable or disable openhab rules from HabApp?

An previous solution was to implement the PID Controlle on HABApp.
That was also no Problem, but the PID parts needs to run permanently during heating.
So I need to create a Rule that was running endlessness (no good idea).
This was the reason to use the PID Controller from Openhab

There is currently no wrapper for it so you have to do this yourself.
Just go to API-Explorer and take a look at the rules endpoint.
With a simple post request you can enable/disable any rule.

yes I already saw this. but before doing it by myself I want to ask if I did not see a wrapper.
so thanks