Endpoints Command Class Check Boxe Definitions

I recently created a new device in the cd-jackson.com database. I believe It’s been completed correctly although it’s not clear to me the differences between the [Basic, NIF, Sec and UnSec] check boxes under [Endpoints -> Command Classes -> Class]. Can anyone help by explaining the differences and potential outcomes when checking additional boxes? @chris

KONO Thermostat

  • BASIC: This means that the command class is also linked to the basic command class. Sometimes the generic BASIC commands are sent by a device instead of these specific commands so that they are more universally accepted. Normally these are simple commands like on/off or dimmers.
  • NIF: Means that the command class is reported in the Node Information Frame
  • Sec: Means that the commands can be used without security
  • Unsec: Means that the commands can be used with security

Of these, only the BASIC tickbox is actually used - the others are for information, but the binding will automatically detect them anyway, so if they are wrong in the database, it won’t really matter.