Energenie PMS-LAN doesn't react


this is my first post here and of course I start with a “problem”.
I wanted to start with OPENHAB and tried to integrate the Gembird PMS-LAN.
I thought that would be a easy one. But first it took me some time to understand how Openhab in general works.
Although I got the energenia item running it is not working as expected.
When I push the buttom in the webif the relays are turned on/off with a random delay.
Sometimes it switches immediately. Sometimes it takes between a few seconds up to some minutes and sometimes it doesn’t even switch at all.
A can assure that it is not related to the load of the system.

Here’s the question … Can anyone point me to the direction how to confine the problem. As I told I’m pretty new to Openhab.


I am afraid that there is no solution for this behaviour.
My three PMS-LAN devices react exactly the same.


what do you mean ?. Is the binding abandoned ? Because with my first test with fhem or an Android APP( not the one from gembird) It works. I’m no coder, but it seems to be a Problem from the binding and hopefully not openhab.


No, the binding is not abandoned, I simply don’t see any issue within my code or openHAB.

I am planning to port the binding into a real 2.0 version and then try to see if there is anything to be optimized.


didn’t know that it’s “your” binding.
But why dies it work without delay when using other tools.
Yesterday I Sent one of the two for repair. Since then it seems to be OK. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or could it be that the problems occur when using More than one device. ?

It is not “my” binding, I just wrote it :wink:

The requests for switching channels are similar to curl calls that I found via google, and these are quite simple.
There could be an issue with polling the states of the sockets.
As I don’t use any other app for controlling, I could think of just requesting the state when the binding initializes and then forget about polling, or at least set it to a very low frequency.

Hi hmerk,

thanks for your binding. There is already a version 2.0 to test?


Not really, I have a version ported, but it is not working really reliable, even the methods used are basically the same. I am thinking of optimizations or even try to move to the protocol used by the original app.
It will take some more time and I will post here when there is something to be tested.

hi hmerk,
thanks for your feedback.