Energy charts in days/weeks/months/years

Those bubbles are the min-max marks. You can activate them in the “Series” tab.

No, I do not have a clue how to show the sum of values for the chosen time range.

I’m still looking for a way to get the total energy consumption for one year. The biggest time range of a chart is currently one year and this provides monthly energy consumptions.
Is it possible that anybody writes an issue, that there is also a chart time range like 3Y, 5Y or DECADE? Thanks.

I believe you have to turn to Grafana for this.

Isn’t there really no other solution? I see no reason using Grafana for only getting the total energy consumption for one year.

You could open an issue on GitHub for future releases. Adding just another time-selector option should not be too difficult (assuming that CPU runtime over two years timeframe won’t cause problem, which 1 year sometimes already does on my system).

Is it possible that anybody writes me an issue, that there is also a chart time range like 3Y, 5Y or DECADE? I don’t know how to do it. Thanks!

Let me know which part of opening an issue you have problems with, and I can help you. Another person opening an issue for you is not a good idea for various reasons.

I have created an issue. Can you please review and update it. Thanks!

Looks good to me. Will be interesting to see if someone picks it up.

Seems to be nobody available, who could implement it. :frowning:

Still nobody, who could take it over? :frowning:

I really need to think of another solution. For energy visualisation Openhab seems not to be the best solution using the default features.

It seems that nobody can take over the issue :rofl:

@florian-h05 Would it be possible for you to point out in the issue what files need to be changed? There seem to be not much developers who have done changes in this area in the last time.

I guess most (if not all) changes would need to be done in
Apart from pointing that out, I cannot provide any more guidance since I’ve never worked on the charts before.
Let’s ping @ysc and ask for his help.

Another thought; I pretty much have the house monitored (95+% of the total). I collect a daily KWH at midnight using mysql/jdbc and then periodically upload the table values into Excel and have almost 2 years of daily data. Could do charts, but mostly do calculations. Occasionally have to use MySQL workbench to correct errant readings.

This is the House total versus the individual meters.
energy 2023-11-19 102432