Energy monitor device "eastron SDM320M" modbus rtu on bus 485

hi, I am trying to integrate the device in question into my HA3 home automation system. I installed the binding and tried all the available things but I can’t figure it out.
does anyone have any tips for me?

Modbus binding has support for specific devices. In case if you have an “unsupported” device modbus binding allows to map its registers to thing/poller/data elements. You have to look for manufacturer docs and make config for this meter.

There are several topics on integration of Eastron meters, for example

Try the search functionality of the forum, search for SDM or Eastron. You need to look into the address manual of your device and modify the addresses accordingly.

I have 3x single phase meters and they work fine with OH3. BTW you mention HA3 so if it is home assistant, you are at a wrong place.

Too complicated for me … I solved it with MQTT device

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