Enerwave ZW500D dimmer

I bought this dimmer, mainly because it was to go in my theater and it is black. I can’t get it to work, I can’t seem to find any info on it on the forums which kind of makes me think it just may not work with openhab.

Any ideas? Anyone have one working?

Does an XML get generated in the /etc/zwave folder? If so, please post it here. If not, please provide a debug log.

I don’t know the device but if it’s a reasonably normal swtich then it should work fine even though it’s not in the database.

node5.xml (3.0 KB)

Looks like it should work fine. What config string are you using? I would expect something like zwave=“5:command=multilevel_switch” should work for a dimmer item?

The device does support configuration and associations, so an entry in the database would be beneficial in that you’d be able to configure the device. However even without this, you should be able to make it work.


(I’ve generated a database entry here, but someone needs to find the manual and create the configuration parameters).

In items I now have:

Dimmer “HT_Light”{zwave=“5”:command=switch_multilevel,refresh_interval=5"}

in one of the sitemaps I have:

Switch item=HT_Light
Slider item=HT_Light

Should that work? I have been running it all in 2 different places, the server that will be close to the zwave components is currently on the other side of the house so I typically copy over the openhab folder to my laptop and plug the same zwave stick in the laptop and fire it up. As I went to look up my items file, I noticed a mismatch in the name, most likely I forgot to save the change. Of course I am at work now without access to the environment so I will be unable to test until later.

If this is cut and paste, then there’s an error. It should be -:


If the extra quote isn’t really there, then I would have thought it should work - if it’s not, then the logs are the next place to turn…

Also, I would suggest once you get it working to get the configuration sorted so that you can use associations rather than polling at a high rate, but that’s one for once it’s working :wink:

Thanks for your help, I really should have paid more attention in my programming classes, that and triple check my syntax.

I’ll let you know if it works.