Enerwave ZWN-BPC-PLUS PIR Motion Sensor

Has anybody had any luck getting the Enerwave ZWN-BPC-PLUS PIR motion sensor to properly work with OpenHAB2? I’m running on a Synology with DSM6.

I’ve tried removing the device and re adding it, I was eventually able to see the device receiving commands through the Karaf Console, and an .XML file was generated, however it wasn’t sending commands when it received motion. After removing it and re installing it’s now stuck on device not in database/initializing not complete. This forum post from 2015 shows the device was added to the database, but i’m wondering if the newer Z-Wave Plus model wont work with the previous model that’s in the database.

Attached is the .XML file. Thanks in advance for any help!
node7.xml (8.2 KB)

I have two warranty replacements coming for the older model, that are supposed to be the newer zwave plus version. I used your XML to create a database entry, which should show up in the next 2.2.0 binding snapshot (and the dev build). It’s been a while, but if you haven’t given up yet, this device should be working soon!