Enhanced Wifi Plug and Xiaomi Mi IO Binding

I have a few Xiaomu Mi Smart Plug Sockets the one’s with two USB sockets and power measurements.

They’re discovered as ‘chuangmi.plug.v3’
I have grabbed the token and I see them ONLINE.
I am able to chart the safety Temperature attribute which changes regularly and thats about where the good news ends.

Paper UI discovers them and I add them as things, I have then added items in my xiaomi.tems file see example below"

// enhanced plug
Switch BR4_Test3  		"Advanced Test 3"						["Switchable"]	{channel="miio:generic:0580B701:power" }
Switch BR4_Test3_USB	"Advanced Mi USB"						["Switchable"]	{channel="miio:generic:0580B701:usb" }
Number BR4_Test3_RSSI	"Advanced Mi RSSI" 										{channel="miio:generic:0580B701:network#rssi" }
Number BR4_Test3_Temp	"Advanced Mi Temp" 		(chartpersist)					{channel="miio:generic:0580B701:temperature" }

I do not see any values returned for RSSI.
I cannot switch the power on or off
I cannot switch the USB on or Off
As stated previously I do see state changes for temperature.
I see no power measurement attributes
And It is thought to be ‘Generic’ device, which seems wrong, no evidence just does not fit with the enhanced device capabilities.
Another oddity is that the USB type is described as ‘OnOffType’ instead of Switch on the Paper UI thing page.

I would love to integrate these properly with my OH2.3 or OH 2.4 system.



EDIT @ marcel_verpaalen could you offer some advice please? Thanks.

Can you please attach or PM me the debug log file.
With this, the conversation between the binding and the device can be seen.
The v3 version of plug is assumed to have similar commands as the other versions, but details may deviate.
However, if even on/off does not work it indicates different sort of problems

Thanks, and with that in mind I will do some debugging this weekend to make sure to the best of my ability that I have checked what is going on. And if I still have an issue then I will PM you with a debug log as you suggest. Once again thank you.

@marcel_verpaalen I think I have sent you a message with the requested DEBUG log. If you do not see it let me know as I am not familiar with sending PM’s on here.