EnOcean binding 2.4 - Rollershutter operation with Rocker Switch

Hi, I am trying to convert my enocean 1.x binding to 2.4 binding. With the old binding I could use an enocean rocker switch to control a KNX rollershutter.

Now it is not working and I can’t figure out what I need to do to make it working again. The following configuration shows my things and items file. Switching KNX lights on and off is working properly.

What can I do?


Bridge enocean:bridge:usb300 "EnOcean Gateway USB300" [path="/dev/ttyUSB0"] {
    Thing rockerSwitch O3EOSwitch "Bad Rocker" @ "Bathroom" [enoceanId="id", receivingEEPId="F6_02_01"]


Switch O3L1_EO {channel="enocean:rockerSwitch:usb300:O3EOSwitch:rockerswitchB" [profile="system:rawrocker-to-on-off"], channel="knx:device:baldur:SA_licht:O3L1"}
Rollershutter O3R_EO {channel="enocean:rockerSwitch:usb300:O3EOSwitch:virtualRollershutterA", channel="knx:device:baldur:JRA_OG:O3R"}

Hi @Christian_Gatzlaff,

in case you have not found the solution yet, the rockerSwitch thing does not support the virtualRollershutterA channel. So you have at least the following option. Bind the rockerswitchB to an switch item like in your first item definition, setup a rule which reacts to On/Off updates and sends Up/Down commands to your knx thing. I do not think that a rollershutter item can directly react on On/Off commands, so you have to convert it to Up/Down.

Second option: Set up a change request to implement a profle which converts rawrocker messages to Up/Down commands :wink: I did not implemented it yet as I did not see your use case (combine enocean and knx devices).

Best regards

I have the same usecase (control knx with enocean) - so @Christian_Gatzlaff is not alone :wink:
It would be great to have implemented a solution.



Ok, I thought the functionality would be similar to the old bindig. There I could combine a KNX Rollershutter item with the enocean Rockerswitch.

I would be great to see a solution for this implemented.

For now I will be using your workaround.


Hi @mashborn, @Christian_Gatzlaff,

I just wanted to start the implemention of a profile for RawRockerSwitchEvents => RollershutterCommands. However before I do this I just wanted to ask you how you think the profile should work and how the KNX system reacts to certain commands.

I would suggest the following implementation:

  • Short press => just send UP or DOWN command (duration between PRESSED/RELEASED <= 500 ms)
  • Long press => on PRESSED event send UP/DOWN command, on RELEASE event send STOP command

Is this the expected behaviour? How will a KNX system react if you send two move UP commands (two short presses)? Will it stop the rollershutter or just move on?

Best regards

Hi @fruggy83,

I expect that to work as you described.
I will test it and send you feedback.

EDIT: No - it’s not as easy…
There are 2 items neccessary with knx:

Rollershutter Jalousie_OG_Schlafzimmer_Ost "Bett"							<rollershutter>		(Jalousien_OG_Schlafzimmer,JalousienOst)		{ channel="knx:device:bridge:jsa2:a_behang" }
Dimmer Lamelle_OG_Schlafzimmer_Ost	"Bett Lamelle"							<rollershutter>		(Lamelle_OG_Schlafzimmer,LamellenOst)			{ channel="knx:device:bridge:jsa2:a_lamelle" }

Shortpress should increase/decrease the Lamelle-Dimmer-Value.
Longpress sends UP/DOWN to the Jalousie-Item