Enocean Binding - Eltako MS / FWS61 does not update every 10 minutes


I am using an Eltako MS / FWS61 for a couple of months now (openHAB 3.0.2, Raspberry Pi4, Enocen USB dongle, EEP A5-13-01).

Recently, I observed that the FWS61 does not send any data updates although the manual says it would do it every 10 minutes at least.

It looks like this is somehow connected to the wind sensor. When there is no wind and hence the wind sensor does not trigger any updates, the probability of not getting any data updates at all rises significantly.

The manual says also that in case of a cable break the FWS61 would send illumination 0 lx, wind 70 m/s and temperature -40°C.
Is the Enocean binding able to handle that?
If yes, I do not observe this behavior, which would indicate that at least all connections are ok.

Does anybody observe a similar behavior and now how to change it?

Thanks and best Regards,

Hello @jimmbimm,
I use a similar setup, the Eltako MS with a Fwg14ms.

For me there are no missing telegrams. So I think the problem is your fws and not the binding itself.

Until now there wasn’t any problem with my wired connection, so I am just guessing, but the binding should handle the telegram for high wind and low temperature without any problem. I created a rule when temp < -35° then alarm. But never tested it.


Thanks for your feedback Dirk.

How did you connect your FWG14MS with openHAB?

However, in the meantime I switched the FWS61 off and on again. Now it seems to behave normal again.

Based on that, I added a spare zwave switch to be able to control the power to the FWS61 and added rule to switch it off for 5 seconds when the time without any update goes beyond 15 minutes.

By the way, after switching power off and on again, the FWS61 sent a cable break telegram, which the binding was able to handle, i.e. all illuminations 0 lx, wind 70 m/s and temperature -40°C.
And then, 60 seconds after power on, data comes it normal again as described in the manual.

Let’s see how often the new rule will be triggered.

Best Regards,

Hi Jimmi,
nice to hear that it is working now.

I connected my fwg as a environmental sensor (EEP: A5-13).

Sometimes the Eltako devices need a restart. I am also logging my power consumption and once every few months there a crazy values. After I restarted my bus, everything is working fine again.

Hope your setup will now run properly.