EnOcean binding support FUD12 FSB12


installed recently OpenHab on PI4 to run my a bit outdated Enocean System
3 x FSB12, 8 x FMS12, 3 x FUD12.

Got the FMS12 running in the meantime via PaperUI using RockerSwitch. Checked the community for FUD12 examples and hints for FSB12 without real sucess. I know there is no feedback channel.

Using EEP A5-3F (FSB12) and A5-38 (FUD12) things from the Enocean binding didnt work out. Anybody has implemeted both Eltako compenents already and can share some hints ?


I only use series 14 devices, but I see no reason why they should not work.

Do you see a reaction (LED blinking change) while in learning-mode (position “PC” /5 ) on the FUD12 and sending the teach-in message from OpenHAB ?

I do not use this binding but for OH 2.5 there was a change and thought I would mention it.

EnOcean Binding

Channel ‘receivingState’ has been removed, because this was a string containing many information. For this, there are three new channels: ‘rssi’, ‘repeatCount’ and ‘lastReceived’.

If the change does not affect you then I would try uninstalling the binding, stop OH, clean the cache and reboot. After OH has fully restarted then reinstall the binding and watch the logs for any info that may help.

Thank You both

using the FSB14 rollershutter thing from the binding I see a reaction with the teach in LED blinking stopping … by using the switch item for the linked teach-in channel. But nfortunatly the FSB12 doesnt work. The inofficial EEP is similar to FSB14 - so there was some hope.

Got the FSB12 working now by using a classic device + linked roller shutter item. Unfortuntaly the “Zentralsteuerungstaster” dont work by this way.

Have you tried to move the rollershutter by playing with the “dimmer” channel ? This is the way it is supposed to work.
First try values 0% and 100%.

Hi Jens @jsc63,

Got the FSB12 working now by using a classic device + linked roller shutter item

the classic device is the way to go for your series 12 devices.
A classic device simulates a virtual rocker switch to controll your device and can listen to a number of physical rocker switches to detected physically triggered status changes of your devices. However without real status response messages this system is not really reliable. Furthermore there is also currently a bug if you have more than one listener bound to your classic device.

However what do you mean with


If you mean the rocker switch which controlls all your rollershutter at once, you just need to add another rocker switch listener for this rocker switch.

Best regards

Hi Daniel @fruggy83

many thanks for the hints on the FSB12 devices. Seems I have to live with the classic device until I switch to 14 series.
Will start playing with the listener and see if this makes the system more usable. Seems “visual control” is the only “feedfback”

Best Regards,