Enocean binding update rockerstate problem after restart/reboot

I have a eltako FAM14 system running and controlled by OH3.3.0
Running on openhabian (RPi 4)

I have programmed several classic devices

UID: enocean:classicDevice:FT3MYC3:a276b2085c
label: WCD7 FMS 13
thingTypeUID: enocean:classicDevice
senderIdOffset: 13
suppressRepeating: false
sendingEEPId: F6_02_01
receivingEEPId: F6_02_01
bridgeUID: enocean:bridge:FT3MYC3
location: studiekamer

  • id: Status_FMS14_CH13_B
    channelTypeUID: enocean:rockerswitchListenerSwitch
    label: Dummy13
    description: null
    channel: channelB
    enoceanId: FF831A0D
    handleSecondAction: true

I can control the device and the device is following the status when changed by a wall switch.
After a reboot or stop start the openhab service the device wil not follow the status change by the wall switch. When I open the Thing in the UI en push on the save butten. The Thing and items are working (only the one I saved). By the dimming devices i don’t have any problems.

What can I do to solve this startup rocker_switch listening problem.

Thanks for reading and helping me

Not sure if that relates to your problem, but when I started using Enocean Rocker Switches (this is quite a while ago when I was using OH2) I had also problems with item states reflecting the actions on the Rocker Switch. In the end I didn’t use an Item at all but started listening on the channel in rules, e.g.

    Channel 'enocean:rockerSwitch:FT1ZHYXX:FEF4FEAD:rockerswitchA' triggered DIR1_PRESSED
    // do something surprising

Never had a problem again :wink:

I solved the problem by sending commands into the enocean system by an enocean.classicDevice end receiving commands by an enocean:rockerSwitch. Channels linkt to the same item.
This is a stable solution.
No problems anymore :slightly_smiling_face: