EnOcean binding

wenn ich folgendes definiere

Number EnOcean_sensor_T "Temperatur [%.1f °C]"       <humidity>    (gWZ, gK) {enocean="{id=00:82:F8:71, eep=A5:04:01, parameter=TEMPERATURE}"}  
Number EnOcean_sensor_H "Luftfeuchtigkeit [%.0f %%]" <temperature> (gWZ, gK) {enocean="{id=00:82:F8:71, eep=A5:04:01, parameter=HUMIDITY}"}  

sehe ich in log

2015-08-21 17:06:58.703 [DEBUG] [.e.internal.bus.EnoceanBinding] - Received new value 24.8°C for device at EnoceanParameter: {id="00:82:F8:71", parameter="TEMPERATURE"}
2015-08-21 17:06:58.706 [DEBUG] [.e.internal.bus.EnoceanBinding] - Received new value 44.8% for device at EnoceanParameter: {id="00:82:F8:71", parameter="HUMIDITY"}
2015-08-21 17:06:58.714 [DEBUG] [.e.internal.bus.EnoceanBinding] - Packet received: RadioPacket4BS[header=[Header: dataLength=00, optionalDataLength=07, packetType=01, crc8h=6C], payload=Payload: data=[], optionaldata=[03, FF, FF, FF, FF, 47, 00], crc8d=58], raw=[55, 00, 00, 07, 01, 6C, 03, FF, FF, FF, FF, 47, 00, 3A], [sender=00:82:F8:71, repeaterCount=0], [db0=0A, db1=9B, db2=70, db3=00, teachIn=false]

der Wert wird aber nicht in android client oder webseite agezeit. wird A5:04:01 nicht unterstutzt?

I’m using an enocean-temperaturesensor, too.
After a PC-restart it works and sends correct values.
But after a few hours the item-value stop to update its value and stays at the last value.
In the logs I can see, that the sensor is still sending its values - but they seem to be ignored by the item…

I’ve just discovered the EnOcean energy harvesting, battery-less, wireless, RF switches…need to pay more attention to what these guys offer. That technology is just incredible.

When the temperature sensor stops reporting what’s the light level in the room? Is it enough to charge the battery, or is it possible that the battery isn’t holding a charge?

I just upgraded to 171 but the enocean binding is not working for my window contact. When I use the previous 162 version it works again…

My item has a definition of:

{ enocean="{id=00:00:D9:AB, eep=D5:00:01, parameter=CONTACT_STATE}" }

I can see something happening in the logs when I open or close the contact but the class SingleInputContact does not handle the actions and my rule does not get fired.

please correct the problem.

Hi Evert,

could you solve the problem? Does it work again with 1.8.1?



I find the problem was not directly related to the upgrade. So I reverted back to the 171 version.

Now the window contact sometimes works and after a while it just stops….

I think the enocean plugin is very unreliable….

There is also a bug in the logging which is very confusing.

I am unfortunately not able to debug the java code. Can you help solve the problems?

with kind regards,


Here is a logging example:

2016-03-06 07:03:39.814 [INFO ] [org.opencean.core.ESP3Host ] - RadioPacket1BS[header=[Header: dataLength=07, optionalDataLength=07, packetType=01, crc8h=7A], payload=Payload: data=[D5, 09, 00, 00, D9, AB, 00], optionaldata=[01, FF, FF, FF, FF, 4A, 00], crc8d=124], raw=[55, 00, 00, 07, 01, 6C, 01, FF, FF, FF, FF, 4A, 00, 6A], [sender=00:00:D9:AB, repeaterCount=0], [dataByte=09

the line ends as if it is not finished…

the error is in the source file RadioPacket1BS.java. But who maintains the enocean core files for openhab? And where are they located?

Hi Evert,

I did not debug the class you mentioned!

But for now I got EnOcean to work for me (error on my side - configuration).

But I faced the same problems you mentioned: sometimes I get an event, sometimes not.

I believe this is because I’m using an EnOcean USB-Stick connected to my raspi. This device has limited connection to signals. I solved this by adding an EnOcean Repeater:
Eltako Funkrepeater mit Antenne FRP70-230V
Just add this device close enough to your USB-Stick. There is no configuration within openHAB needed.


I’m new to openhab2 and enocean. I’m currently fiddling around with an enocean window contact in connection with the USB Dongle, which is unfortunately not working …
Behaviour on my side … i see the packages in the log like that:

Packet received: RadioPacket1BS[header=[Header: dataLength=00, optionalDataLength=07, packetType=01, crc8h=6C], payload=Payload: data=[], optionaldata=[01, FF, FF, FF, FF, 47, 00], crc8d=-125], raw=[55, 00, 00, 07, 01, 6C, 01, FF, FF, FF, FF, 47, 00, 83], [sender=01:9F:02:DB, repeaterCount=0], [dataByte=08

so it looks the same as yours evanes.

Was the problem with the truncated packet solved somehow? I’ve still the same problem with a current installation and adding an additional receiver to the game when the contact is pracitcally beside the USB receiver doesn’t sound like the best solution.

What I also recognized is the fact, that there is no link created for my item. I tried all combinations that I could find in the net, but no link is registered when I check smarthome:links (the item is shown in smarthome:items, so the file is loaded)

So I would be happy if someone could shed some light on this topic …