EnOcean connect an switch and an actor

Hi Together,

Installation of OpenOcean worked so i want to connect an switch and an actor with OpenHab2. For the switch i’ve chosen the correct device and entered the id printed on the back site. For the actor i’ve chosen the device, activated teach in mode of the Actor and then pressed teach in at the device in OpenHab - but Nothing happens. If I press the switch, I see an LED flashing short on USB 300 Dongle. Nothing happens in OpenHab.

It would be very creatfull if anybody could help me to get it working.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Marian (@Jerg_Marian),

what kind of actor do you use? A lot of actors support a so called UTE teach in, through which it can be autodiscovered in openHAB. Yesterday the official version of the openocean binding was released.

Best regards
(Developer of openocen/offical enocean binding)