EnOcean discovery not working

I’m just starting with openHAB 3.0.0.M2 and have no previous experience with former versions. I have done a package repository installation on Ubuntu 20.04. Devices for most bindings (AVM Fritz!Box, Netatmo, Harmony hub) were discovered automatically.

However, my EnOcean gateway, connected to a USB port, could not be discovered. So I added it manually. The status is “online”, so openHAB can communicate with the gateway and read information like the base id. I am using an Eltako FAM-USB gateway which uses the same TCM3x0 chip as most other EnOcean gateway devices. I have updated the firmware to the latest version using EnOcean’s DolphinView (on Windows) and have checked that the gateway does receive messages.

However, openHAB does not discover any devices, e.g. sensors. If I add them manually using their device id, they are shown as “online” but I am unable to retrieve any channel data like temperature or humidity (in items). I have checked that serial communication with the usb device is working on the machine (sudo cat /dev/fam-usb | od -tx1).

So it looks like either openHAB cannot properly communicate with the gateway or that the messages are not properly recognized. I have set EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS="-Dgnu.io.rxtx.SerialPorts=/dev/fam-usb" in /etc/default/openhab.

UPDATE: I have used the Karaf console, changed the log level for the EnOcean binding to DEBUG and monitored with log:tail. I can confirm that none of the messages sent by sensors (or other things) is recognized by the gateway, neither while scanning for devices nor after having added them manually. Only communication with the gateway itself (i.e. obtaining its base id) is logged.

Is there any additional configuration setting to enable the receipt of messages from EnOcean devices?

Okay, I have found a solution myself. The issue is caused by the latest (official) EnOcean firmware ( for the TCM 300 chip in the gateway. EnOcean has made some changes to their API that apparently are not supported by the open source automation software solutions (it doesn’t work in Home Assistant neither).

I have flashed the device with a very old firmware version (from December 2013!). Now at least the discovery service is working. And I have received the first messages from some devices.

I found the firmware files for at EnOcean, but I can’t see how you can actually flash the device. Do you have any pointers on how to downgrade this?


Hi sid3windr, I contacted the Eltako support and they sent me a software tool to flash the device. If I remember correctly, I also needed to make changes to the radio_conformity.xml file because there were some incompatibilities between older and newer versions. It took me some time to get this sorted out.

Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately I’m using the actual USB300 stick and not the FGW14-USB… it’s not very likely to work if I contact Eltako I guess :confused:

I have it working now with ESP2 and “direct connection to the RS485 bus” by running a USB cable to the FAM14… but it’s a bit sad that the USB stick is useless this way.

Try downloading the DolphinView software from the EnOcean website (you need to register first). I just checked that this includes an eopx.exe file in the root directory. This is the file that Eltako sent me to flash my device. I haven’t tried with that file but it might work.

Use eopx.exe -help for instructions on how to use the tool.

I had looked at DolphinView (already registered etc) and its firmware capabilities, also found some documentation on their website which seemed to require programmer hardware (and a separate chip?!). The button in DolphinView failed because it didn’t find a programmer.

I just tried to mess around with eopx.exe but it’s failing in the same way:

EOP-EnOcean Programmer v2.6.3.156 (c) Copyright 2019 EnOcean GmbH

Error: No EnOcean Programmer hardware found!

Guess I’ll try their support e-mail… Thanks for your assistance!