EnOcean, EEP D2-06-10 - Sensor for intrusion detection at windows

I was looking for some way to support above sensor with OpenHAB via any binding, e.g. EnOcean binding. Would anyone be available to develop / enhance a binding for this EEP?

As a temporary work around, how would I be able to support EEP D2-06-10 via EnOcean Generic Things? Is there a good documentation for OpenHAB beginners?

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Hi Richard,

it would be the best to open an issue on github in the openhab2 addons repo. So your request does not get lost. For an immediate solution you could indeed use a generic thing. I posted an example on the other topic. I hope this helps.

By the way, do you own a Soda window handle which uses this EEP? Where did you get it from? I am interested in such handles too.

Best regards

Hi @fruggy83 and @Richu

I installed some of these Soda window handels in my house. I tried to implement it with the generic thing but i failed on that. So I opend the issue #6658.

If I can help in a way, please let me know.

In Germany you can get the soda handle from voltus:
-> Voltus

In Switzerland you can get them from SmartHome shop (place where I got them):
-> SmartHome shop

Best regards

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