EnOcean - Eltako FUD14/FSG14 - Decouple lights from motion sensor

Hi all.

I’m currently migrating my home automation from openHAB 1 to openHAB 3.

I still try to get my head around on all the new concepts like things, channels, semantic models (equipment, points etc.) and maybe I haven’t understood them all (even after reading the documentation at least 3 times).

My setup:

  • Eltako FTS14 bus system: FAM14 and FGW14-USB
  • PIR motion sensors attached to FTS12EM-UC
  • Eltako FTS14 bus system with different actuators (FUD14/800W, FSG14/1-10V, and some more). The light actuator (a FUD14) is
    • paired with the PIR (a FTS12EM)
    • is configured to be controlled by a GFVS
  • The setup is fine and I can control the FUD via openHAB3, the status is reported correctly.

What I would like to achieve is to “decouple” the PIRs from the light during during night time (for example after 10pm) and couple the PIRs at morning time (6am).

In my old setup with openHAB 1 I implemented this feature by using a MQTT bridge (written in Python). I configured a scheduled command which sends a telegram to the FUD14 blocking its value of 0 (respective unblock).

Reading through the EnOcean binding I found a parameter storeValue in the dimmer channel.
But I found no way to configure this value via the UI.

My questions:

  • Maybe my old solution isn’t the best way to achieve my goal. Does anyone else have an alternative solution to my problem to couple/decouple the lights from the PIR based on a schedule?
  • In case my proposed solution to block the actuator at 0, how could I achieve this with openHAB3?

Kind regards

I am not quite sure if this is what you are looking for to decouple or block your devide, but the „store value“ option for the Eltako dimmer can be found at the things dimmer channel → „configure channel“ options.

Thanks for the help. I searched for the configuration option in the UI but could not find it.

I configured a thing for my FUD14, I can control it on the UI via a dimmer item. If I enable StoreValue flag, I can control the dimmer via the UI and its value is blocked which means it does not change when I use the physical switch.

The configuration just seems complicate for a simple feature. For one light I have to:

  • add a thing with a channel configured with StoreValue disabled. This thing is used enable PIR control
  • add a thing with a channel configured with StoreValueenabled to set its value to 0 when I want to “detach” the PIR (i.e. turn off the light with value 0)
  • add an item for each of those things
  • add a rule for PIR decoupling (blocking light with value 0)
  • add a rule for PIR enabling (set value 0 using the item connected to the thing with disabled StoreValue setting)

Does anyone know a better way how I could achieve my goal?

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