EnOcean example needed - Please!


I’m new to openHAB. For testing purposes I have EnOcean Hardware:

  • USB300 EnOcean Gateway
  • RockerSwitch
  • Actuator (Omnio UPS230/08), i.e. a simple relay

I installed openHAB v1.8.0 on a Mac (OS X 10.11.2).

I succeeded with a basic setup: openHAB picks up EnOcean messages and (sometimes) shows the state changes in the web frontend. In the log I can also see those messages.

Thus, I conclude that communication with the EnOcean wireless Network basically works.

However, I miserably failed sending a command to the actuator.
That can have two reasons: a) configuration error, b) misinterpretation of how openHAB works. I actually suspect that the latter is the case (if not both).

Here are the lines from the .items file I tried but are not working:
Switch Switch1 “Switch1” (All) { enocean="{id=xx:xx:xx:17, eep=F6:02:01, channel=A}" }
Switch Taster1 “Taster1” (All) { enocean="{id=xx:xx:xx:5A, eep=F6:02:01, channel=B, parameter=I}" }

So, I’d very much appreciate if anybody could provide a very simple - but complete! - example:
Sensor -> openHAB -> Actuator. And that in terms of EnOcean components.


Hi Mr. Stokar,

Did Your issue Resolve!?? Actually, I too facing the same issue. The openHAB is able to receive the Enocean RPS command from the Enocean Switch but not able to forward it to the Actuator/Actor. So I am not able to control the Actuator/Actor via openHAB.

Please let me know, if Your issue is resolved and How!
Thanks and Awaiting Your Response…


Bumping this question again.

After several days of tinkering, I was not able to get OH2.5 to control my UPS230 actuator.

Any help or walkthrough would be greatly appreciated!



Hi !

After a couple of hours tinkering with the rotary dial, I have finally managed to get my Omnio UPS 230/10 actuator working on OH2.5 along with USB300.

Set the Feedback Telegram type to VLD (D2-01-01): 15 LRN (2s) 12 LRN
Turn on OH2.5 autodiscovery (Scan for Things)
Set the Manual Feedback to Launch UTE teach in: 13 LRN (2s) 11 LRN
Energy Measurement Switch should show up.

Play around with the rotary dial to fine-tune your device settings (message frequency, etc.



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