Enocean FSB14 teach in

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: 2 vCPUs, 2GB RAM, EnOcean USB 300
    • OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu OpenJDK 11
    • openHAB version: 3.2.0
  • Issue of the topic: EnOcean FSB14 teach in not working
    I am currently setting up openHAB with my existing EnOcean devices. I already managed to teach in all the FSR14 (Switching Actuator), but when trying the same for the FSR14 (Rollershutter Actuator) its not working.

First of all on the FSB14 I set the RV to 40, then set the WA to learn. LED starts blinking red.
Next step is on the openHAB UI. I select the created thing, go to channels and link a new rollershutter item. Within the Item I clicked the Up, Down and Stop button, but none of them sent a teach in message. I also tried to link a teachIn Swith but it didnt worked either.

Does anyone has an idea how to teach in the FSB14?

I think you use the wrong settings for the FSB14.
Link the teach in channel to a switch item and select at the FSB14 “RV 180” for Motor 1 and “RV 200” for motor 2 to teach in OH.

After this you should be able to control your rollershutters via OH.

Don’t forget to:
-Use the Meta data “Auto Update false”
-As the receiving EEP A5_3F_7F_EltakoFSB + F6_00_00
-Adding the closing time in channel config and the correct RV time at the FSB14.

As the receiving EEP I selected Eltako FSB14/61/71 from the menu, the one you told me does not exist.

Result is still the same. LED on the FSB14 is still blinking so no teach in message was received.

You need to select 2 EEPs:

Have you discovered the FSB14 or just created? If you created it by yourself, do you use the correct address for it in OH?

I created it, didn’t knew it’s prossible to discover them.

EnOceanID is correct.

Mhh… you got the ID via PCT14 or how do you get it? Have you calculated it?

If teach in doesn’t work you can still add them via PCT14.
You know how to use PCT14 for this purpose?

Got the ID from PCT14 an verified it also from the wibutler I am currently using.

Didn’t used the PCT14 to teach in new devices by now. If you have any tips on how to it would be great.

You can add it with PCT14, it is not that hard if you already use PCT14.

In PCT14:
-select a FSB14
-at the top select “ID - Zuordnungsbereich”
-select an unused entry at “Funktionsgruppe 2”
-double click on it and add new data
-insert your enocean ID of your openhab thing * ! *
-use function “31 Fahrkommando mit Zeitüber…”
-select the matching channel
-save the data and write it onto the FSB14

*! * the enocean ID of your OH thing is calculated:
-Base ID of your OH bridge + the sender ID converted to HEX.
e.g.: Base ID = FFC68A00, sender ID = 26. Comnbined enocean ID = FFC68A1A

Thank you.

One last question. How do I set the closing time in the channels setting?

You can add the time at the roller shutters channel configuration. You need to click Configure channel.

Sorry to hijack this, but how did you even set up the FSR14?
Do you have a link to a tutorial? The docs are rather unclear.

Did you find them through LRN + Channel + OpenHAB scan or is further configuration needed?

Thank you!

For others with the same problem, I found the (a?) way to set up the FSR14:

Create a Thing and type in an EnOcean ID (must be 4 “Hex Bytes” and unique). In my case I chose “FFAA0001” and incremented for every thing (FFAA0002, FFAA0003, and so on).

After that, go to the “Channels” tab for this thing an add a Switch. All defaults should be ok here. Create the switch.

After that, in the Channels tab, set the checkbox “show advanced” in the top right corner. New channel options should be made visible.

Choose “Teach in” and link it to your just created switch. Save and open this new teach in item.

Now configure your FSR14 to learn mode. This depends on what you want to achieve. In my case I just wanted a simple on/off (Stromstoß, called “ES” within EnOcean or Eltako). So I

  • moved the top configuration on the FSR14 to 5 (configures the next signal as ES switch)
  • moved the bottom configuration to the channel on which the light is configured. I have a description from my electrician, which channel controls which light (1=kitchen, 2=living room, etc).
  • moved the middle configuration to “LRN”

Now two LEDs should blink on your FSR14.

Activate the switch on your OpenHAB teach in item. The blinking should stop and this specific FSR14 channel can now be controlled with your newly created switch. Move the configuration wheels back to the position where you found them. (in my case from top to bottom: 0, auto, auto)

I don’t know if the teach in item can be deleted afterwards. To be sure I left them there and don’t deleted it.

As soon as I have the time I will also extend the OpenHAB EnOcean documentation.

You can delete the teach in switches after the teach in.

For me it was easier to perform the teach in via PCT14 software since you dont have to do the teach in manually for each channel.

@dirkdirk why do I have to add the PTM200 as a receiving EEP?

This is what the binding developer wrote about the receiving EEP‘s for the FSB14.
So I never questioned it.

Where did he mentioned this? I want to check if I missed anything for the FSR14 configuration.

eg here:

If you Google it you will find more info about it.