Enocean FSB14 via FGW14 no feedback

I´m new to openHAB and currently try to move my existing Enocean setup from bootup (proprietary solution from Weberhaus) to openHAB.

I use a USB connection to my FGW14 with the 2.5.5. binding. I managed to control my blinds via the following setup:

As for the item linking I use the simple setup.

My issue are

  • no response from the FSB for blind status --> it jumps from 0 to 100
  • no ‘angle’ of blindes available --> neither status nor control

Do you have any hint what could be the issue or how to troubleshoot?

BR Timo

The FSB14 reports only end states via PTM200 telegrams (ORG=0x05, data_byte3=state) where state is:

  • 0x70: end state up
  • 0x50: end state down
  • 0x00: motor going up/down or undefined state because it was manually stopped.

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