Enocean & KNX Binding


i want to combine Enocean and KNX.
So we have a PI with an usb 300 Stick. Enocean is running and knx is also running.
I created a switch:
Switch Light_Demo “Enocean Switch” (Demo) { knx = “<1/0/11+1/2/11”, enocean="{id=FE:FC:8A:B2, channel=A, eep=F6:02:01}"}
This works fine.

Now i want to use a contact from Eltako FTKB:
Contact “Eltako” {enocean="{id=01:9A:6D:16, eep=D5:00:01, parameter=CONTACT_STATE}", knx = “1/0/12”}

But nothing happens. I look into the live console. I can See the switch but not the contact.

I solved it.
You have to work without knx.
Contact “Eltako” {enocean="{id=01:9A:6D:16, eep=D5:00:01, parameter=CONTACT_STATE}"}

Then i created rules for switching KNX.

I have the Problem if i change the Item File, the contact Item isn’t working any more. After restart PI everything again…

Hi Markus,

I can confirm the instability when changing item files (only sometimes).

I am also currently testing with enocean and trying to figure out how to dim lights (hue) or increase/decrease sonos volume when pressing and holding a button on my enocean switch.
If somone has a working example pls. see my other thread concerning this question in more detail.