Enocean Pi / ttyAMA0 couldn't be found

Hallo, I’m new to openHAB and trying to setup using openHABian. The problem is that I don’t get Enocean Pi up and running. Configured the port /dec/ttyAMA0 in enocean.cfg but get port couldn’t be found in the log. Can anyone tell me what to check or configure to get that running? Haven’t configured any items up to now because of the Problem above.
How do I configure the enocean id from the enocean pi avalable ids to use to learn into the actors?

Hello Thomas, you are in luck! (I believe)
I’ve added the solution for what you are looking for in openHABian three days ago: https://github.com/ThomDietrich/openhabian/issues/33#issuecomment-266593473 The solution was not tested with the enocean module (a link would have been nice) but I’m optimistic it should work. Please give it a try!

Everyone else not using openHABian: The solution is discussed in the thread.

Hello, thanks. I tried and alt least I don’t get this error anymore.
The last entry in the log now is “Connecting to Enocean…”

How can I now switch a light (connect to actor…)


Nice to hear.

Well I can’t tell you exactly as I do not own enocean hardware. Check the forum for discussions about it: https://community.openhab.org/tags/enocean
In general you would now start to define your items just as desribed in https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/EnOcean-Binding.
Be sure to check out http://docs.openhab.org