EnOcean Reciever have not enough Power for whole building, search for solution

Hey Everyone.

I have a USB300 EnOcean gateway in place, connected to my Pi. Now i have troubles to reacieve all signals from my Switches on all rooms. The Building have 2 Floors and i simply can’t place the reciever on a way that every Switch works properly. Some times is only related to how you stand next to the switch.

So what are the best option in this case? I read about a EnOcean Relay switch who send everything he receive again whit a relay tag. Do this works? Or will Openhab then do a Rule or something twice?

What can i do :slight_smile: thanks for your Input

The Enocean binding supports repeaters no Problem. I use the build in repeater function in some of the Eltako plugs. I have heard very good things about this standalone repeater https://www.eltako.com/fileadmin/downloads/de/datenblatt/Datenblatt_FRP70-230V.pdf
Best regards Johannes

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Hey Johannes,

Thanks for your Feedback… i will check the product out … i guess the product you talk about is something sim to this one ? https://www.brack.ch/omnio-funk-repeater-enocean-237630?query=enocean&active_search=true

Regards indy

I think any of the level 1 repeaters should work as long as they follow the enocean standard. I have not tried any level 2 repeaters myself. But on most repeaters you can choose which level.

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Other question, topic related, is there any reciver who have more Power then the USB Dongle ?

You could try the enocean pi which attaches directly to the gpio pins of the Raspberry pi but it’s the same chipset as the usb300. Or you could get an usb300 with an sma connector like this one:

And attach an antenna which should increase the range. I don’t think that the binding supports any of the other gateways right now.
Another way would be to use multiple gateways as the binding supports using remote gateways over tcp/ip (ser2net) and just attach a second usb300 to a raspberry pi zero and use one for each level of a building.