EnOcean STM3xy

Hi @fruggy83,

I am trying to get a STM312 module with firmware STMSEN-868.hex to work with your binding. Unfortunately the module does not send the values from AD0 - AD2. It sends only a payload FFFFFF0C which does not change if I adjust the voltage at the inputs.

If I reflash the module with a special firmware compiled for a STM330 it works for AD0 and AD1. So the module is not dead :wink:

Do you have any idea how to get the module running with the default firmware and the three analog inputs?

Thanks, Peter

HI Peter @peter.boehm,

I do own a STM310 with a temperature sensor but as I do not own an EOP350 I did not changed the firmware yet. Do you know the pinout of the connector? I guess there exists a simple UART interface which can be used to flash the firmware. If I am able to flash my STM I could test your firmware. However as the special firmware works for AD0 and AD1, I would guess it has something to do with your STMSEN-868 firmware.

Best regards

Hi Daniel @fruggy83 ,

Flashing would not be easy without an EP350, because the logic level is 1.8 Volt. I attached the pinout of the STM31x modules:


I would guess it has something to do with your STMSEN-868 firmware.

Exactly. This is also my understanding. But what drives me nuts is the fact that it should work out of the box with the default STMSEN firmware. Maybe they changed something in the firmware. And of course the module is already EOLed… I will ask the guys from EnOceanId.



Finally, I found the solution… ! In order to use the AD inputs ADIO0 - 2 you have to follow the instructions from this link. Now it works :wink:

Thanks Daniel

Hi Peter,

glad to hear that you found a solution. I am also very interested in using an STM as a transmitter for sensor values. I found on github a project which uses a pi to pogramm an STM as the STM just provides an SPI and not an UART. Do you just flash a precompiled firmware to your devices or do you also develop the firmware?

Best regards

Hi Daniel,

The github project sounds interesting. But what I understood from the manuals is that the STM modules are using 1.8 Volt logic level. The Raspberry Pi 3.3 Volt. Maybe the STM’s are 3.3 V tolerant… (maybe not).

Do you just flash a precompiled firmware to your devices

Yes, I use the standard HEX files from EnOcean and the one I found on elemnt14, developed from Ravi. But since I am able to use all three AD’s I stick with the STMSEN firmware.

do you also develop the firmware

I would like to do this (with my basic programming skills :slight_smile: ) but the KEIL C51 Compiler is way to expensive. And this one is a prerequisite for developing a custom firmware. And I have not heard from an open source toolchain.

I can borrow my EOP350 for a while after I have finished my little project. Drop me a note if you are interested…