I’m struggling to properly configure Enocean modules. Some examples:

The Eltako window touch contact TF-FTE is automatically recognized as MechanicalHandle F6-10-00 and I get the string Open or Closed via HandleState. I can live with that. Channel contact gives no value to me.

The Eltako wireless water sensor FWS81 is automatically recognized as SimplePushButton F6-01-01. The most practical configuration is the RawButtonToggleSwitch with the switch ON or OFF. A contact channel would make more sense, but is not available. Only the detour via rules remains. I cannot get a manual configuration as SimpleInputContact D5-00-01 or MechanicalHandle F6-10-XX to run.

Jung radio wall transmitter ENOLS990 and NodOn remote control CRC-2-6-03 are automatically configured as SimplePushButton F6-01-01 with only one switch for whichever of the 4 buttons. Manual configuration as ClassicDevice F6-02-02 helps here. F6-03-0X is unfortunately not supported by the binding, but again the point that contact would be better than switch and that pressed / released and single, double, long press are not evaluated. No values ​​are provided for RockerSwitch, Rollershutter, RepeatCount, RSSI, LastReceived.

I can’t deal with the definition of MAP or REGEX for Things, but I think that I can’t really solve my requirements with them either.

I think Enocean is an interesting solution and I am happy that the binding exists at all, but either it is not yet round or I have misunderstood something fundamentally.

I would also like to use text files to solve the definitions. However, I only partially succeed in doing this, and then doing the rest of it via PaperUI is even worse than doing everything right there. Is there actually a way to print, document or specifically save the things definitions made via PaperUI and then transfer them to a new installation?

Take a look in the JSONdb file which is used to store everything setup via Paper UI. You can even read singe Things by its UID (use REST API for this task)