EnOcnea, Z-wave, Zigbee, KNX ... protocols and equipment you prefer

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(Ahmad Yazan Tibi) #1

Dear Community,

From your experience which protocols and equipment you prefer ?

I know Z-wave has more range over Zignee, and Enocean doesn’t considers on energy harvesting concept, but I want to ask about the most reliable protocols and even specific equipment (model number) ?

Also I want to ask: did you control RGB strip which has IR receiver using IR sender (and if so, can you guide me for the equipment you used) ?

(Rich Koshak) #2

This is going to be hard to answer because most of us static on a small set of technologies so we don’t have the ability to compare them.

From my personal experience, in all of the technologies I’ve used and based on my impression from reading the forum all of the technologies are reliable once you get them initially set up. And this includes diy stuff like esp8266 and the like.

Both zwave and zigbee are both networks so the reliability and range of the Network has more to do with how many mains powered devices you have and how they are distributed. For example, let’s say the range of zwave is 100m (I’m making this up, I don’t remember the actually range) and it supports up to the hops. That means theoretically you can have up to a 300m range assuming you have devices every 100m. I know nothing about Enocean.

Personally, I prefer zwave in situations where I want something to just work and I never have to mess with it again. I like Sonoff for things I want to temporarily control like holiday lights. I use RPis with a custom script to interact with dumb devices (e.g. garage door opener). And I use NodeMCUs for sensors.

Except for the zwave, everything else runs on wifi using MQTT or through a cloud API (Nest, weather).