Enumerating string item

Is it possible to have a String item that can store various Strings, and these are selectible on the sitemap by scrolling up and down like the step function of a setpoint?

I want to have a string that has, on/off/auto/1hourOverride, that kind of thing and tap up or down to select the appropriate one. Then pick this up in a rule as a ‘received update’ then choose what to do. I see it as an option to take various options that similarly affect one system. If this was for the heating for example, thats pretty much all the options I would want in one place.

If thats not possible, maybe have a setpoint of 1-4, then turn the output to text with a transform?


Do you know the Demo-example?

No haven’t seen that. Where can I find it? I didn’t have any preconfigured demos in the install.

You can select Demo only at the initial Setup

Number Radio_Station "Radio" <network>
rule "Select Radio Station"
    Item Radio_Station received command
    switch(receivedCommand) {
        case 0 : playStream(null)
        case 1 : playStream("http://metafiles.gl-systemhaus.de/hr/hr3_2.m3u")
        case 2 : playStream("http://mp3-live.swr3.de/swr3_m.m3u")
        case 3 : playStream("http://edge.live.mp3.mdn.newmedia.nacamar.net/radioffh/livestream.mp3.m3u")
        case 4 : playStream("http://stream.laut.fm/club93")
Selection item=Radio_Station mappings=[0=off, 1=HR3, 2=SWR3, 3=FFH]

excellent thanks, mappings was the word I needed.