Envia/ inogy iONA

Hey there,

i dont know if this is the right sub, but i have a question if there is a binding/ addon to achive my needs.

The engery supplier envia also known as inogy sells a energy-contract with an digital meter and an „connectionbox (local network device)“ so the meterings are pulled in realtime to envia. A side affect is that the customer can read his meterings in realtime also via an app.

Has anybody informations for this devices if they are „bindable“ to OH? I found nothing in the net nor forums about this devices and hope here are some users.

More Informations can be found here: https://www.enviam.de/privatkunden/StromfuerdenHaushalt/meinstromdigital#/ i‘am not interested in the buzzwords on the website, i only want the actual Odo from the electricity-meter. Without an s0 to somthing plug.

Thank you.


Ich habe die gleich Frage.

iONA Energy gibt leider keine Information raus.

Viele Grüße