Epson binding in oh2? (How to make a 1.9 binding work)

Has anyone gotten this to work? The 1.9 binding is what I’m trying, and I don’t really know how to set it up, and the combinations to make a mistake is endless… :slight_smile:

What I would appreciate (very much!);
one or more item file lines

Do I also need set a thing up in thing file?

New take - more generic approach in the line of questions :slight_smile:

Since this is 1.9, how should I address the device in item file?
Here’ s my current set-up
.thing file:

epsonprojector.cfg file: (“epson” is my dns name for the projector)

.item file:
Switch EPower “Epson Power” {channel=“epsonprojector:home:ep1:Power”}

This gives me the following error when I press the swtich;

09:24:54.714 [WARN ] [ome.core.thing.internal.ThingManager] - Cannot delegate command 'ON' for item 'EPower' to handler for channel 'epsonprojector:home:ep1:Power', because no thing with the UID 'epsonprojector:home:ep1' could be found.

Is the wiki page incorrect? Unless it’s mistaken, it should all be the same as in openHAB 1, except you would want a file epsonprojector.cfg containing something like


I don’t see anything in the wiki page about connecting via network? And then items bound like

Switch Power { epsonprojector="hometheater:Power:60000" }
String Source { epsonprojector="hometheater:Source:ON,60000" }
Number LampTime { epsonprojector="<hometheater:LampTime:60000" }


with your help, I updated my items and got something onto the ethernet, but sadly, I have now confirmed that IP connection does not work properly. The epsonproject.cfg that is generated at startup, indicated that ip connection was ok, which is why I thought it was only the wiki that was outdated - after all, it is from 2013.
However, while it seams that the binding is sending something on the network, it does not include the special handshake that is, according to some posts on the internet, is needed, it seams to only be sending the actual serial data.

Maybe I’ll have some time to look into this, if my eclipse installation would just work.

Thanks anyway for getting me this far!

Epson binding support also network connections, but only serial port protocol over ethernet. So cheap serial port - tcp/ip converts can be used between openhab and epson projector.


Aha, this is why my projector with built-in ethernet will not work. Did not think about the use case of ip-serial port converters.
Apparently the ESC/ needs some extra control character on connect.

I have now changed the binding to work with internal ethernet connection of Epson I have also added/updated about 10 new commads for LS10000 projectors. However, since I’m a total binding newbie, I have not yet fixed support for both ethernet-to-serial boxes as well as the built in, but I figured I should at least announce the changes if someone needs them.
I’m looking into another binding now, so hopefully I’ll be less newbie in a couple of weeks.

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I am struggling with the epson binding (I am a newbie), I have tried IP - RS232 box, but can’t get openHab to talk to the projector, I can using a console (PWR ON / PWR OFF). I set the box to be COM1, and have epsonprojector.cfg pointing to COM1 , I have my items as per the binding wiki and the sitemap. The sitemap is in the basic UI but none of it works on the projector even if the projector is on first. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated.

Try to isolate the problem.

I would first try to get the binding working without a IP-r232-box in between.

And you could try to use the linux program minicom to try and see if the serial connection is working without openhab.

Did you check if the openhab user is member of the group dialout?

Did you try adding the device to the start command?

Thanks for your reply, I am using windows 10 machine. I am going to try to isolate as you said. The serial connection does work through startech serial control app. I have a NETRS2321P device on the network which I can send commands to, to turn the projector on and off etc.
Going to try direct serial.
Then with openHab2.
I added the line:
Not sure if this is correct, should I add it to start.bat as it is a windows machine?


I don’t know if this is even necessary in Windows. :neutral_face:

@pauli_anttila, you seems to be author of epson binding, is that right?
I have Epson EH-TW5350 with build-in wifi and I want to use this binding for this.
I managed to implement establishment of connection with ESC/ protocol - it only takes to add special connection string to be send first. All command then works with current implementation.
I’m interested in contribute to this binding with support both current serial port - tcp/ip convertor and ESC/ protocol.
Also want to add more commands from Epson.xlsx (I have newer version with more projector models) to be available.

Sorry if it is wrong place for this, I’m new in openHab community, but very excited to have opportunity to contribute.

@VictorM, all contributions are more than welcome. Just make a pull request to openhab github repository and some of us will review to changes before it will be merged to main repo.

@VictorM Maybe I can find somewhere the code for my changes (see above) for the LS10000, should you want to make a proper binding supporting both serial and direct IP, if you are interested?

@vespaman, yes, this will be helpful to check that there is not any differences in Epson Wi-Fi projectors, that I can’t see. Thank you.

I would love to see and maybe use the binding for the Epson printer

ZenMan was that a “mobile typo”? This binding is for Epson projectors, not sure there’s any for printers…

But anyway, I think @VictorM is on a better track, to integrate both serial and ethernet protocols into the same binding.
Victor - any news on this?

yep it was a typo, I meant projector, Just picked up a 7900n and it did not have a remote

I’m just back from vacation and with fresh head going to spend time on this integration at the weekend :grinning: