Equipment under Equipment

I am having problem to have equipment under equipment.
I have a Pool Deck (location)
The Pool i have as equipment and i want the pool thermostat also to be equipment.
Must i have the pool as location if i want to have the pool thermostat as equipment.

What is specifically not working with this configuration? This should be supportable with the model.

Hmmm, I’ve just tried creating two Equipments via the Items UI - a Screen and a RemoteControl. I thought I could go Edit the RemoteControl Item and choose the Screen Item as a parent in the section below, but the Screen Item doesn’t appear in the list.

Scratch that - I didn’t make the Items Groups. So yes, go to your thermostat Item, Edit in the top right hand corner, then choose your Pool Equipment (which is hopefully a Group) from the list under Group Membership.

Correct if a specific location or equipment is not on the semantic list you can just add them as location and equipment.

See post below

Sorry my mistake was a typo in my file :frowning:
It is working with equipment under equipment.