Equipment Vendors - Customer Service

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve purchased 10 TP-Link smart plugs. One of them failed recently. I contacted their customer service for warranty and they made me go through an unbelievable amount of hoops to resolve the issue (still not resolved). All of this for a $20.00 device? The only thing they did not ask for is my birth certificate.

I was thinking of buying more switches from them, but this experience made me rethink my plans. A manufacturer can have the best equipment out there, but if their customer service is poor, then I’m not interested in them anymore.

All this ‘background’, is to ask the community 2 questions:

  1. Has anyone on here experienced such bad customer service?
  2. Of all hardware vendors out there, which would you rank highest in Customer Service?
  1. Yes. Neo Coolcam from China refused warranty service.

  2. Zooz and their site have outstanding support for US & Canada Z-Wave. They are even helping us get their devices into OpenHAB!