Equivalent replacement for WeatherUnderground binding?


WaetherUnderground will discontinue support for the free API by the end of the year. I am looking for an equivalent, free weather forecast (2-4 days). I only want to use bindings for OH 2.x.
I have tried the following bindings on a trial basis, but unfortunately they do not do what I want.

Yahoo Binding 2.4.0 - no weather forecast

OpenWeatherMap-binding 2.4.0 - Forecasting on an hourly basis only, daily base is not free

NetAtmo-Binding 2.4.0 - there is no prediction, I think here it is up to NetAtmo to release this part of the API as well

Which binding is there now? I would like to have a forecast for today, tomorrow, and 1 or 2 more days

  • temperature min / max
  • conditions
  • icon
  • A chance of raining
  • Wind direction and speed

Does anyone have an idea? Is an alternative in the pipe? This is a really bad situation.


There is another post about this topic. Please use the search engine.

If you set the hours to 120 in the binding you get 5 days of forecasts for every 3 hours

Unfortunately only for hours, I want it for the day and it does not work.
I need the forecast for tomorrow, not for in 24h, because this value changes based on the time of day. If it is 12:00 o’clock, the forecast in 24h brings the values of for tomorrow 12:00 o’clock, If it is 16:00 o’clock, the prediction delivers the value for tomorrow 16:00 o’clock.

I have just tried the meteoblue-binding. This already provides the desired forecast, seems to fit also for my place of residence. But the current weatherinformations are missing. I need an updated information about the clouds. That in turn makes the openweathermap-binding seem perfect.

That’s all so annoying.

why don’t use both and display some Items (forecast day info) from one and some (Current Cloudiness) from the other?

That will probably be so.
Too bad that you can not do this with a binding. I will test and watch this.

many thanks :wink:

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