[ERROR] feature:install openhab-ui-paper

Short Story,
downloaded openHAB 2.0 run it sh start.sh
openhab>feature:install openhab-ui-paper
Error executing command: Error openhab.log

I also tried the Demo but it’s stuck at installing openhab.log
I also tried to install the UIs manually, with the result them not working properly. openhab.log

Some ideas ? :neutral_face:


Connect to dl.bintray.com:443 [dl.bintray.com/] failed: connect timed out]

says it all, doesn’t it? Check your network/firewall/proxy settings to make sure that openHAB can download the add-ons.

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Yes it does. :slight_smile: Changing the firewall settings is no option since my openHAB2 is running on a remote system. I installed a local version, added all bindings I needed and pushed it to the remote. Now its working as expected. Thanks @Kai