Error in Basic UI with Harmony Hub Binding - Newbie needs help

Im running OH2.2 stable on my raspberry pi - which is fine.
Im new to openhab2 but already managed to find out a few Things and i realy like the way this System works. Now i try to figuer out, how to control my AVR with OH and im running into some Problems.
I looked into the Rest-API to find out what values i can use for my AVR.
In the Rest-API i found these:


my Item looks like this

String Receiver "Receiver"									 <receiver>        {channel="harmonyhub:device:Hubomatic:43125397:buttonPress"}

in my Sitemap i tried to implement the code as following

Selection item=Receiver label="Sound"      mappings=[DSP-Stereo/Enhancer="Stereo"]

But this gives an error and i can`t start my Sitemap. I think it is because the - and the / …but what can i do to solve this ?

Also i wanted to ask, if there is a way to use a slider to adjust the volume while using the Harmony Binding ?

//sorry for my bad -english…it`s been a while since i last wrote something in english…hope you can understand my Problem and can help. i also tried to make a Screen to show where my Problem is.

What might help is to put the mapping keys between quotes, e.g.

Selection item=Receiver label="Sound"      mappings=["DSP-Stereo/Enhancer"="Stereo", "DSP-Music"="Music"]
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Thank you very much - that worked for me !
Sometimes it`s so easy :slight_smile:

Can you also help with my Volume-Question ?
Is there a way to adjust the Volume with a slider / or to have fix Values e.g. 25% 50% 75% 100%

That would be great !

Ha super! :tada:

The slider may be a bit difficult because the binding can only use buttons that are available on your remote. So if it has such buttons it would be easy.

If your remote does not have such buttons you could in theory make something using rules. But I haven’t done that before. E.g. you could store the value of the slider say 10 and then when you decrease it to 7 the binding would send 10-7=3 times a volume down signal. But I think it will get buggy real soon! Especially when you are also still using a real remote! :smile:

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Ok - thanks for your help…so i will just use a switch to adjust the Volume.