Error in logfile -> sendnotification?

is there some simple solution on how to send ERRORs in the log as sendNotification or sendEmail to have them proactively sorted out? :wink:

my English is very bad, sorry, if not correctly understood you :slight_smile:

Thanks Sergey for the hint.
Unfortunately I’d like to have some Kind of notification sent to me, if there’s an ERROR in the logfile. Presently I can have a look in the logs and search for ERRORs, what I’d like to have is to be informed, if there are any.

now I understand you! but I do not know such an opportunity.

I guess you want all errors to trigger such a notifiction. There is no builtin function for this, but of course you could use a bash script, which tails openhab.log, searching for the word error and when emerging, set an item through an api call…


I’d create a new logger, like it is described here at the bottom, where you set the loglevel to ERROR. and then I would follow Udo_Hartmanns idea. By doing so you can always send yourself a notification, when the logfile was altered (maybe like this )

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that sounds like a plan! :wink:
I’ll get back to it, when I’m ready!..