Error installing on rpi3 (apt): Circular reference detected trying to get service

Hi all,

I am switching from homebrew stuff to OpenHab for all of my home automation. I have installed openhab2 through apt (including Zulu for java8) using the installation instructions on - all on my rpi3 (stretch). when i start it, i do not get anything on port 8080. debugging further i see that errors in openhab.log are lengthy, starting with those below. How to fix this?

2020-04-09 20:50:14.162 [ERROR] [org.apache.felix.scr ] - bundle org.apache.felix.scr:2.1.16 (43)Circular reference detected trying to get service {org.eclipse.smarthome.core.items.MetadataProvider}={, service.bundleid=183, service.scope=bundle,,}
stack of references: ServiceReference: {org.eclipse.smarthome.core.items.MetadataProvider}={, service.bundleid=183, service.scope=bundle,,}
ServiceReference: {org.eclipse.smarthome.core.items.ItemRegistry}={, service.bundleid=133, service.scope=bundle,,}
ServiceReference: {org.eclipse.smarthome.core.items.MetadataRegistry}={, service.bundleid=133, service.scope=bundle,,}

java.lang.Exception: stack trace
at org.apache.felix.scr.impl.ComponentRegistry.enterCreate( ~[?:?]

What particular instructions did you follow? Either using openHABian on Raspbian or using the openHABian image are the easiest and most recommended for the Pi.

I have an existing rpi3 installation I use with other stuff already running (non on port 8080 or 8443 btw). I followed these instructions:

Miraculously the node is working after a reboot of the rpi…it is still installing the Kodi binding - not sure how long that is supposed to take, but being patient now :slight_smile:

I am glad you got it sorted out.
You could have installer openHABian using the Linux instructions. The rpi3 is not very powerful to run openHAB and other things too.

The Kodi binding hanged on a progress indicatior, but apparently did complete without UI notification completion (unlike oher bindings). Thanks for the swift community response - going down the rabbithole now!

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