Error logging in with myOpenHAB - [o.u.i.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Cannot find page for id 'null'

Hello All,

I have just got OpenHAB installed, and controlling a Radio Frequency node - so I am happy with its current functionality as a concept and look forward to expanding it much further.

I am trying to move to the next step and having the UI on my iPad with myOpenHAB - this is where I seem to have got stuck.

I believe I have done all the myopenhab log in and set up bits correctly online, as I have the confirmation email (which I followed the link and authenticated).

I filled in my username and password on the ipad app, and it wont connect to the server.

looking at tail -f /var/log/openhab/openhab.log I am getting the following error when I try to connect;

[o.u.i.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Cannot find page for id ‘null’.

I was getting another issue (it sounded worse - it thought it was an attack…) before I changed the user.cfg file to include my username=password

It may be related, but to connect to the UI another way with the following:

I have to put in a username and password - user & password or my username and password additonally put in the user.cfg file also works now.

I hope you can help - from all the documentation this really should be simple, so its bound to be something stupid wrong!

As long as you want to connect to your openhab server internally through your network you don’t need my.openhab. Not with a browser and not with any app.
If you want to connect to your openhab server from outside your network, one way is to use my.openhab.

I would suggest to first get everything running without my.openhab.

So in your openhab.cfg set


Change the user.cfg to default:


Now connect with your app (just put in the openHab Url, leave remote url, username and password blank)

When you have access from all devices follow this guide to connect from outside your network.

Hi Sihui,

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately I’m still getting the same message every time I try to load/refresh the OpenHab app;

2015-10-26 20:07:07.696 [WARN ] [o.u.i.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Cannot find page for id ‘null’.

I have made the changed you recommended, and restarted openHab.

The only other issue I can see in the log file appears to come from the config file itself - could his mean its not loading the config file properly?;

2015-10-26 20:05:46.394 [WARN ] [o.config.core.ConfigDispatcher] - Cannot parse line ‘# This is the default configuration file, which comes with every openHAB distribution.’ of main configuration file ‘/etc/openhab/configurations/openhab.cfg’.

For the moment I don’t need to connect to OpenHab from outside the network, so your solution, should I get it working would be great to go forward with!

Also, for what its worth, it appears the my.OpenHab service is running and is connected to the right UUID. I have cross checked this with my myopenhab log in information also. (I already followed the guide, which is why I posted this thread as I couldn’t get it to work following the simple instructions :frowning: )

2015-10-26 20:06:24.271 [INFO ] [.myopenhab.internal.MyOHClient] - Connected to my.openHAB service (UUID = 770bdbd7-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx57662, base URL = http://localhost:8080)

Once again, Thank you!

I appear to have fixed the issue;

2015-10-26 20:05:46.394 [WARN ] [o.config.core.ConfigDispatcher] - Cannot parse line ‘# This is the default configuration file, which comes with every openHAB distribution.’ of main configuration file ‘/etc/openhab/configurations/openhab.cfg’.

It is related to this topic (Link) and explains that you cant edit the config file with notepad or wordpad - which I was doing as my working files are on a network location on a raspberry pi, which I don seem to be able to point the designer to.

Unfortunately this hasn’t made anything work :frowning:

I have found this in the log file which has the word ‘null’ in it. Could this be where my main issue is coming from? Otherwise I cant find the word in any of my files

[INFO ] [o.o.b.w.i.common.WeatherConfig] - LocationConfig[providerName=YAHOO,language=en,updateInterval=10,latitude=51.9813514,longitude=-0.8458182,locationId=home,name=]