Error message from z-wave device database

Hi @chris,

When working on item 877 I this message showed at the top of the page:
Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 1 in /volume1/web/cd-jackson/components/com_zwave_database/helpers/zwave_device_check.php on line 18 Warning: strpos(): Empty needle in /volume1/web/cd-jackson/components/com_zwave_database/helpers/zwave_device_check.php on line 18

The message doesn’t show on all devices. I was manually populating the existing device instead of creating a dupe, let me know if it’s preferable to start fresh from the XML (the binding looks to have created a complete XML from my device).


Oh no, you broke the database :rofl::rofl:

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Oh, crap. Probably need to erase the whole database and start fresh. I’m getting kicked off the internet for sure this time. :laughing:

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It’s caused by having the association group with a label “1”. There is a check to make sure that the group name doesn’t start with the group ID, but the check causes this error if it’s the only thing in the label…

I’ll fix this… Thanks for pointing it out.

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@Reeves - since you’ve done such a great job adding this to the database, could I ask you to add the word FORCEVERSION to the config box in every command class (take a look in BASIC for what I mean)…

I think this will resolve the issue we currently have.

It would be my pleasure. Should I apply this change to all Leviton devices (as needed)?

On a related topic, I’ve been trying to run down details on the older Leviton devices I have to get the correct details for configuration commands. Any recommended reading that would help me learn this?


I don’t think it should be needed as I’m assuming they are working. (but thanks for the offer).

I guess I can only suggest the following (which may not help I’m afraid) -:

  • Manufacturer documentation is the normal place to get this stuff.
  • You can try the ZWave Alliance database (it’s not a great reference, and unfortunately doesn’t tend to have older devices).
  • You could look in the OZW database in case someone else has managed to get the information from somewhere and added it there.

Good luck :slight_smile: .

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Thanks. :smiley: I just downloaded the Silicon Labs Z-Wave specification (2018c) to look up the number for the library type. I’m assuming that is the source of truth on protocol stuff.

I seem to recall adding FORCEVERSION to a number of the older Leviton devices some time ago.

A quick search of the source for setVersion shows RZP03, VRF01, VRS15, VRI06, VRS05, VRP03, RZ106. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do all of these, because I don’t have all these devices.

And, speaking of the database, it would be really cool to be able to filter the device list to show just the devices for which I’ve ticked I have this device. :smiley:

I don’t think you’ll find that in the spec, and if you do, you might find they have different names than we use. You should be able to select these from what is specified in the XML - otherwise don’t worry too much about it as it’s not 100% necessary.

Most of the time this stuff is filled in by uploading the XML to the database, but since you’ve now filled all this in by hand, it’s not an option now…

This was the plan, but I’ve not finished this as no-one was using this feature (or so I thought :wink: ).

I’ll bet @5iver and @sihui use it, too. :sunglasses:

I’ve gotten into the habit of clicking it whenever I edit a device I have…

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Yeah - I just had a look and there are about 200 entries in this table. I’ll look at adding this soon.

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I know I clicked on at least a couple and stopped when I didn’t see it changing anything. I was afraid I was breaking something, or it was assigning me as the owner of the device in the db! But something I’d definitely use.

Yeah. The device already existed and was partially filled already so I just elected to do it by hand instead of creating a new device.

Yes, I added this as I needed to have a data base entry to allow me to add some options to work around the device bugs. I had intended to delete this and use the XML to create the device…

It’s no problem, and I think the device is probably simple enough that there aren’t too many difficult channels to create…

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