Error occourred during initialization of VM


I running OH1 on rPI 2. so far so good.
Now I tried to run OH 2 by extracton the zip to a new folder (openhab2).
Stoppt service of OH 1. Editted the addons.cfg (package=standard, some Bindings (sonos, hue, modbus).

if I try tu run I allways get the following message:
Launching the openHAB runtime…
Error occurred during initialization of VM
java/lang/ClassNotFoundException: error in opening JAR file /opt/openhab2/runtime/karaf/lib/endorsed/._org.apache.karaf.exception-4.0.3.jar

Think it’s a small problem, but I don’t now anymore where to start to solve …

Thanks for any input

Could you please enter an issue for it at
Are you using the online or offline distro?

Which JVM are you using? OH2 requires Java 8.

Problem is solved. It seams that some files are getting lost during the copy-prozess . Now all is working fine

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