Error rendering Dimmer widget in OH 1.8

I have this dimmer item defined:
Dimmer Dim_OG1_Zimmer “Dimmer” ( gDimmer) {knx=“1/0/22, 1/0/100”}

I am using the Basic UI and Firefox Browser.

This dimmer item is rendered with an up/down arrow in OH 1.7.1 and works perfectly with this behaviour: Short click switches on/off, long click dims up or down.

After an upgrade to OH 1.8.0 it renders a slider only, no up/down arrows.

No changes in items file or sitemap. I just copied the config files from OH 1.7 directory to OH 1.8 directory.

There is a Bug in openHAB 1.8 which prevents correct rendering, if the Label has no dynamic text. So, you can set the label to “Dimmer [%d%%]” or update to the recent stable, openHAB 1.8.1 (the bug should be fixed in this version)

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Thanks for the reply.
I upgraded to OH 1.8.1, but the bug is still there.
Then I changed the label of the dimmer in the items file as suggested.
Now it shows the % on the left side of the slide, but still no up/down arrows.

My KNX dimmer device is controlled with up/down dimming, not setting an absolute value.
So I need the up/down buttons in order to send the right telegrams.
It worked perfectly on OH 1.7.1

Are you sure that the dimmer can’t be dimmed with absolute dimming? Because of various issues the PR which introduced absolute dimming from Classic UI was reverted 3 days ago so the nightly should fix your problem.