Error saving rule in Habmin

I’m a noob tryng to set up my first HA system.

I have a scene set up that I can toggle an Aeotec Smart Switch on/off, and a Fibaro door sensor that I can see the open/close status of so I know both are configured correctly.

I’m now trying to create a rule using the graphical rule designer in Habmin 1.5.0 to toggle the Smartswitch via the door sensor. My problem is that I get a error when I try and save the rule in Habmin - “Error saving rule”. I’ve searched similar issues but can’t see that anyone has expereinced this before. Any ideas why i can t save the rule?


openHAB 1.8.3 on RPi2

I suspect this is a permissions problem - it seems to be an issue people have with the Pi installations. Unfortunately I’m not sure what the issue is other than it works ok on most installations.

Thanks for that. I’ve managed to get the rules working by just dropping .the required files into the rules directory but having the GUI interface to make rules is good for noobs like me.