Error starting karaf activator (Again)

I am trying to install OH on a new machine but the installation keeps crashing with the message “Could not transfer metadata org.openhab.ui.bundles:org.openhab.ui.paper/maven-metadata.xml from/to openhab – Is the JFrog server down? Or are the respective download files not on it?

The problem seems to be due to lack of SSL certificates…
…which seems to be due to Java installation…
…and yes I have already tried the following…

  • complete uninstall of Oracle Java (everything)
  • complete re-install of Oracle JDK SE 1.8 latest version
  • set JAVA_HOME to point at Oracle JDK
  • gave up with Oracle and changed to Zulu
  • set JAVA_HOME to point at Zulu JDK

Nothing is working! Very frustrated. Wasted half a day already. Any tips appreciated please.

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