Error starting my.openhab with openhab2

I can’t seem to get the extension working with openhab2. After install on startup I get an error like:
2016-11-09 20:44:19.037 [INFO ] [g.apache.aries.spifly.dynamic.bundle] - Bundle Considered for SPI providers:
2016-11-09 20:44:19.040 [INFO ] [g.apache.aries.spifly.dynamic.bundle] - No ‘SPI-Provider’ Manifest header. Skipping bundle:
2016-11-09 20:44:19.044 [INFO ] [internal.service.FeaturesServiceImpl] - Done.

its funny because I have a userdata/uuid file and a userdata/myopenhab/secret file.

I am using openhab beta 4. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Which version of OH 2 are you using? Online/Offline Beta/Snapshot?

It is beta4 as I recall.

Online or Offline?

Sorry, I don’t recall. Is there a way I can look at my release and find out?

I do not.

At this point I would try uninstalling the binding and reinstalling it. You might need to uninstall and restart OH before it lets you reinstall it.

Ultimately I would recommend moving to the SNAPSHOT version. There have been a ton of bugs fixed since BETA 4 and I can’t be certain this isn’t caused by one of them.

Thanks @rlkoshak
I have tried installing and uninstalling a couple of times, doing the install thru paperui.
So SNAPSHOT is always the newest?
And is this the link(s) at the bottom of the page here?

when do the SNAPSHOT builds get made?


If you are on an apt-get type Linux I highly recommend installing using apt-get as documented here:

If not then yes, that link is to the latest snapshots.


I think “snapshot” is too bleeding edge for me. I need this thing to work and work solidly. I am getting an error like:
2016-11-13 12:20:31.242 [WARN ] [ig.xml.osgi.XmlDocumentBundleTracker] - The XML document '/ESH-INF/thing/popp_123610_0_0.xml' in module 'org.openhab.binding.zwave' could not be parsed: : ParseError at [row,col]:[24,37]
which seems like just a bad checkin of code.

If anyone knows why I’d get a:
No 'SPI-Provider' Manifest header. Skipping bundle:
please let me know.

Just be aware there are dozens of bugs that have been fixed since the last beta release so the beta is not necessarily more solid.

That first error I think is what you will see with the 2.0 version zwave binding when you have not yet configured the Serial adapter as described here.

How did you install the my.openhab binding?