[ERROR] [ui.internal.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] with openhab3

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 4GBytes
    • Docker Version: 20.10.7
    • OS: Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
    • Java Runtime Environment: OpenJDK Runtime Environment Zulu11.48+21-CA (build 11.0.11+9-LTS)
    • openHAB version: 3.1.0
      While opening my basicui site map, I see the following logs
      2021-08-06 11:57:05.404 [ERROR] [ui.internal.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Cannot retrieve item '' for widget org.openhab.core.model.sitemap.sitemap.Text
      The configuration purely done withe the user interface.
      I don’t see any particular issue.
      Is there an explanation about that?
      See below the code of the side map
      sitemap page_f85e58b955 label=“Site Danielle & Robert” {
    Text icon="myhouseplant" label="TramLaan" item=MainPlant {
        Text icon="myhouseinterior" label="Intérieur" item=HouseInterior {
            Text icon="corridor" label="Corridor Entrée" {
                Switch icon="light" label="67. Lampe - Plafond" item=MOTE_067_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
                Switch icon="light" label="13. Lampe Vestiare" item=OLDKAKU_013_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
            Text icon="myhouselivingroom" label="Salle de SĂ©jour" item=HouseLiving {
                Switch icon="light" label="2. Lampe - Meuble Mural" item=OLDKAKU_002_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
                Switch icon="light" label="3. Lampe - Mur Rue" item=OLDKAKU_003_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
                Switch icon="light" label="4. Lampe - Mur Sentier" item=NEWKAKU_004_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
                Switch icon="screen" label="5. Media - Meuble Mural" item=OLDKAKU_005_CTRL_SWIT_MEDIA
                Switch icon="light" label="6. Meuble Mural - TV - Lampe" item=OLDKAKU_006_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
            Text icon="myhousedinnerroom" label="Salle Ă  Manger" item=HouseDinner {
                Switch icon="light" label="1. Lampe - Dressoir" item=OLDKAKU_001_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
                Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="66. Prise - Mur Mitoyen" item=MOTE_066_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
                Text icon="temperature" label="66. Température" item=MOTE_066_MEAS_TEMP
                Text icon="myiconsluminosity" label="66. Luminosité" item=Mote_066_MEAS_LUMI
                Text icon="myiconshumidity" label="66. Humidité" item=MOTE_066_MEAS_HUMI
            Text icon="myhousekitchen" label="Cuisine" item=HouseKitchen {
                Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="15. Prise - Meuble Frigo" item=OLDKAKU_015_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
                Switch icon="myiconsvacuumcleaner" label="15. Aspirateur" item=OLDKAKU_015_CTRL_SWIT_VACUM
            Text icon="myhouseroom" label="Chambre d' Amis" item=House2ndBedRoom {
                Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="19. Prise - Mur Palier" item=OLDKAKU_019_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
                Switch icon="screen" label="19. Media - Commode" item=COGEX_019_CTRL_SWIT_MEDIA
            Text icon="office" item=HouseOffice label="Bureau" {
                Text icon="myiconsdistance" label="68. Distance (US)" item=MOTE_068_MEAS_DIST
                Text icon="myiconsmovement" label="68. Mouvement (IR)" item=Mote_068_STAT_MOVE
                Switch icon="myiconspresence" label="68. Presence (BT)" item=MOTE_068_STAT_PRESE
        Text icon="myhouseexterior" label="Extérieur" item=HouseExterior {
            Text icon="garage" label="Garage" item=HouseGarage {
                Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="65. Prise - Garage" item=MOTE_065_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
                Text icon="myiconshumidity" label="65. Humidité - Garage" item=MOTE_065_MEAS_HUMI
                Text icon="temperature" label="65. Température - Garage" item=MOTE_065_MEAS_TEMP
        Text icon="lightbulb" label="Tous les activables" {
            Switch icon="light" label="1. S. Ă  Manger - Dressoir - Lampe" item=OLDKAKU_001_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
            Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="1. S. Ă  Manger - Dressoir - Prise" item=OLDKAKU_001_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
            Switch icon="light" label="2. S. de SĂ©jour - Meuble Mural - Lampe" item=OLDKAKU_002_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
            Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="2. S. de SĂ©jour - Meuble Mural - Prise" item=OLDKAKU_002_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
            Switch icon="light" label="3. S. de SĂ©jour - Mur Rue - Lampe" item=OLDKAKU_003_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
            Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="3. S. de SĂ©jour  - Mur Rue - Prise" item=OLDKAKU_003_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
            Switch icon="light" label="4. S. de SĂ©jour - Mur Sentier - Lampe" item=NEWKAKU_004_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
            Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="4. S. de SĂ©jour - Mur Sentier - Prise" item=NEWKAKU_004_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
            Switch icon="screen" label="5. S. de SĂ©jour - Meuble Mural - Media" item=OLDKAKU_005_CTRL_SWIT_MEDIA
            Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="5. S. de SĂ©jour - Meuble Mural - Prise"
            Switch icon="lightbulb" item=OLDKAKU_006_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT label="6. S. de SĂ©jour - Meuble Mural - TV - Lampe"
            Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="6. S. de SĂ©jour - Meuble Mural - Lampe TV - Prise" item=OLDKAKU_006_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
            Switch icon="light" label="13. Corridor - Vestiare - Lampe" item=OLDKAKU_013_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
            Switch icon="myiconsmoteslotted" label="13. Interrupteur - Vestiare" item=OLDKAKU_013_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
            Switch icon="myiconsvacuumcleaner" label="15. Cuisine - Aspirateur" item=OLDKAKU_015_CTRL_SWIT_VACUM
            Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="16. Libre - Prise" item=OLDKAKU_016_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
            Switch icon="screen" label="19. Ch. d'Amis - TV " item=COGEX_019_CTRL_SWIT_MEDIA
            Switch icon="myiconspoweroutlet" label="65. Garage - Mur ArriĂšre - Prise" item=MOTE_065_CTRL_SWIT_POWER
            Switch icon="light" label="67. Corridor - Plafond - Lampe" item=MOTE_067_CTRL_SWIT_LIGHT
            Switch icon="wallswitch" label="67. Corridor - Plafond - Interrupteur" item=MOTE_067_CTRL_SWIT_POWER

This line has no item=

Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know where to look.
By the way there are 2 others (corrected now!)

Text icon="corridor" label="Corridor Entrée" {
Text icon="lightbulb" label="Tous les activables" {

Thank again,

Text widgets are allowed to have no item.
Switch widgets are not.

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However this generates an error.
Adding an item and ‘magic’ no error messages

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