Error upnpheader "MAX_AGE"

Hi Community,

i’ve installed an openhab 2 Environment, with Homematic, Astro, Homekit, rrd4j, openhab Cloud, NTP an Mail Addons. Since the first start of openhab i get the follwing Error. I searched for the problem but i can’t find something. Does anybody know how to fix the Error?

19:36:46.551 [ERROR] [upnp.model.message.header.UpnpHeader] - Error instantiating header of type ‘MAX_AGE’ with value: max-age=4282277841
19:36:46.551 [ERROR] [upnp.model.message.header.UpnpHeader] - Exception root cause:
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "4282277841"
at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString([:1.8.0_121]
at java.lang.Integer.parseInt([:1.8.0_121]
at java.lang.Integer.parseInt([:1.8.0_121]
at org.jupnp.model.message.header.MaxAgeHeader.setString([162:org.jupnp:2.2.0]
at org.jupnp.model.message.header.UpnpHeader.newInstance([162:org.jupnp:2.2.0]
at org.jupnp.model.message.UpnpHeaders.parseHeaders([162:org.jupnp:2.2.0]
at org.jupnp.model.message.UpnpHeaders.getAsArray([162:org.jupnp:2.2.0]
at org.jupnp.model.message.UpnpHeaders.getFirstHeader([162:org.jupnp:2.2.0]
at org.jupnp.model.message.discovery.IncomingNotificationRequest.getUDN([162:org.jupnp:2.2.0]
at org.jupnp.protocol.async.ReceivingNotification.execute([162:org.jupnp:2.2.0]
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker([:1.8.0_121]
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$[:1.8.0_121]

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Greets, Christian

This is not necessarily an issue within openHAB, it could be a device within your network that does not behave UPnP compliant.

To get rid of these errors, you could deactivate logging for jupnp by typing
log:set OFF org.jupnp
at openHABs karaf console.

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Thanks for reply.

If i execute the command i get the following error

Error executing command: No enum constant org.apache.karaf.log.core.Level.OFF

After this i tried log:set OFF, same problem. Only log:set DEBUG or log:set ERROR works fine.

Any ideas?

Hi Carlep,

See below the help file in the console:

openhab> log:set --help

        Sets the log level.

        log:set level [logger] 
             The log level to set (TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR) or DEFAULT to unset
             Logger name or ROOT (default)

I had the same problem and used this last command to eliminate org.jupnp from the log files.

openhab> log:set DEFAULT org.jupnp