Error when running openhabian-config 1.6.2 Menu #14

Raspberry Pi4 4GB
Fresh installation of v1.6.2 Image / openhab-config v1.6.2-1087

openhabian-config Menu #14 (Update file permissions of commonly used files and folders) creates the following error:
Applying file permissions recommendations... FAILED (samba and 3rd party logdir)
What can I do to provide more information?

Set debug mode to maximum then try again it may give you a better reason than Failed.

I see. Error comes up because it accesses some ZRAM directories but ZRAM is disabled on my device.

There is a github issue: Fix Permissions (option 14) keeps failing on fresh install of Debian. · Issue #1369 · openhab/openhabian · GitHub
That one is especially mentioning Debian ( x86 ) systems.

You’re right. I checked Github before posting but waited for a day. Meantime the issue was raised…