Error when using dayoftheweek function in paperui rules

Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with this small issue. I have started to recreate my openhab2 version 2.2 on a new clean install of openhab2 version 2.4, starting again with a fresh install was mostly to do with the changes with Mi-light and MQTT bindings. I wanted to keep a fully working copy of openhab live while I recreated all the functionality in a sandbox if you like.

I have got to the point where I am creating the rule actions in paperui in the “experimental” rule area.

I have a rule which states “it is a fixed time of day”, then send a command to turn on a light, but only if “it I a certain day of the week”.

When I try to fill in the details for which days of the week to use, by clicking on them, they do not highlight green, and appear to be un-selectable.


Once saved the rule I have just created shows as uninitialized and the following error appears in the log files.

“2019-01-10 07:41:39.680 [ome.event.RuleUpdatedEvent] - Rule ‘123c02ee-fdbd-4b7b- b786-22846915fee9’ has been updated.
2019-01-10 07:41:39.688 [.event.RuleStatusInfoEvent] - 123c02ee-fdbd-4b7b-b786-2 2846915fee9 updated: INITIALIZING
2019-01-10 07:41:39.720 [.event.RuleStatusInfoEvent] - 123c02ee-fdbd-4b7b-b786-2 2846915fee9 updated: UNINITIALIZED (HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR): Getting handler ‘timer.DayOfWeekCondition’ for module ‘4’ failed: ‘days’ parameter must be an array of strings.”

If any one has had a similar issues and fixed it I would appreciate any help available.


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This is currently broken. There is an issue open for it.

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Thanks rikoshak.

Hi rikoshak is that problem solved??

I don’t know. I’ve not looked at PaperUI Rules recently. On 2.5 M3 it appears that that trigger has been replaced with a more generic cron trigger.

Hello rikoshak thanks for the reply, I have checked with 2.5.M3 there also I am facing the same issue not able to select Days of the week they appear to be un-selectable .

Note : This rule working fine with the certain time of the Day.

Then use the cron trigger. I’m really not sure what you are looking at frankly because I don’t even have a Days of Week Rule trigger option any more.